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Old Cigarette Commercials: Winston, Salem, Camel

Published 1970

Compilation of Winston, Salem and Camel cigarette commercials.

Audio/Visual sound, color


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Reviewer: orderdesign - - August 29, 2015
Subject: Winston
very good
thank you
Reviewer: cathyftr - - December 23, 2008
Subject: Love these ads !!!
Even though cigarettes ads were banned in America on a nationwide basis in 1971, there were a few places around the US who had already banned such ads. Cigarettes ads were banned in Baltimore, Salt Lake City and Denver in 1969 ( Denver was the last major American city to recieve TV and Salt Lake City with the Mormon influence..that isn't a surprise ) so as a result some of these ads never did air in those three cities.

Interesting watching these ads ( and the others on this site ), even more interesting with the exception of Galaxy, pretty much all of them are still around in one form or another even Raleigh and Belair ( without the coupons though LOL ). Recently I saw Spud & Alpine available at Kroger of all places.

Winston today is more known as the smoke of popular signer Kid Rock. Camel is still popular with the so-called Generation X crowd ( though cigars are more popular ) and Salem a few years back was re-lauched as the "extreme menthol cigarette" with the tag "stir the senses" ) I believe Salem even did away with their white filter.
Reviewer: Tenor madman - - December 7, 2008
Subject: I remember these!
I would have been 6 or 7 years old watching TV when these commercials aired. I distinctly remember a few of them from then. This was, of course, the last year for Cigarette advertising on TV in the US.

It's funny how I never took to smoking. It always seemed like something other folks did.

Being a singer myself, I loved the 5 part vocals in the Turn to Salem ads. What a fat, ear-catching, striking vocal sound. It couldn't have been improvised. It had to have been all worked out ahead of time.

I'm sure the flivver in the 1st Winston ad, if it's still around, must be worth a fortune!

Thanks for posting these. They have a great nostalgia value for someone who grew up in front of the tube!